Feel At Home


  1. 3-14-2017

    No Apology–you chose the exact words for where the world is right now–at the crossroads between sanity and in.noitysStap by for a visit when you get the chance, SK. I fixed my Blogger probs.

  2. 4-24-2017

    that I´m too old for almost anything, including keeping a blog – I´m forty eight – )… Anyway, I just wanted to comment you (before going to sleep), that this brand in jewelry is perfect for these days, baroque style is perfectly trendy…Now, it´s time for me to go to bed…You blog is really addictive 🙂

  3. 5-10-2017

    Coincido contigo, es simplemente una muestra de mala educacion. Pues todo post es un diálogo blogger-lectores sobre un tema que fija el primero.Si estuvieras tomádonos un café mientras conversamos y yo de repente te cambio bruscamente de tema, claramente es una grosería. Pues aquí, es lo mismo. ¿Tan difícil es de entender?Saludos.

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